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Wild Mustang Photography on Nightshoot
Awesome shot! You need to show these in a sports magazine! Perfect capture!!!! Hi , I am from Carlisle, Ma.! Nice to ...

ELENA on Raw
I love it!!

Olivier on Punchbowl Falls
so good!

Azadeh on Punchbowl Falls
WOW!!! amazing!

k@ on Pressed Out
Super sensation shared here !

larry on Pole Jam
Hmm.. how come no one commented on this? This is exceptional for me! Fantastic foreground and very smart of you to keep ...

Piia on Oregon
Wow. It looks amazing. :)

Raul on Oregon
Great lighting and sense of movement!

Becky on Dirty
Kind of has the ewwww effect. Nice shot - and processing!

Steve on Dirty
Wow, nice color grading Owen, so gritty. Nailed it.

olivier Paillet on Upside Down.
Great catch !!! Well done !

Stefan on Upside Down.
Wow, cool shot!

Jean-Michel on Upside Down.
What a fantastic view :) Have a nice day.

tsenwei on Upside Down.
nice action shot. superb!

Becky on Above the clouds
WOW OH WOW! Great capture!

Céline on Out of the book
Excellent! Great action shot

Sof on Out of the book

Becky on Rav Killin it
Love this perspective - the people in the back that look somewhat cartoonish - A smash!

Owen Ringwall on Rav Killin it
This was shot out at High Cascade snowboard camp in Government Camp Oregon. As for the people in the background I agree ...

`Paul on Rav Killin it
great action shot!

Céline on Rav Killin it
excellent! great timing, good energy !

Double KK Photography on Jordan
cool photo

H.S. on Rav Killin it
it would've been a lot more appealing if no one was in the background! great shot though,it's really hard to ...

Gábor Rádi on Rav Killin it
Wow, where is this? I really miss skateboarding...

Mathew John on USOPEN 2010
Looks pretty perfect to me...Nice Work!

Walini on Jordan
Great shot ! Love the light and colors !

Rags on Over exposure
Keep experimenting, you will be surprised with what you come up with.

corpusmind on Over exposure
seventies look and feel !! nice done...

Phil David Alexander Morris on Over exposure
Very beautiful use of light and great processing.

The MaJor on Over exposure it's lighting and textures!!cool shot

Stefan on Jordan

Shahryar on Jordan
well done :)

KriKridesign on Jordan
YES! Sport photography as I like!! 5* without any doubt!!!

Céline on Jordan
Wow, what a shot!! Love the light and this silhouette! Well captured !

Céline on Starting Ground
Wao, nice portrait, I love it !

Céline on Dares
Great action shot, nice timing and love the tones & the colours !

Céline on Thumbs Up
Great picture, love the skate pict, good motion picture !

Louis Hebert on Freeze Frame
nice action and desaturation

elmer on Freeze Frame
hello. I really appreciate this dynamic picture, on this background living.

Céline on Bummed
I love the composition, the colors, well done!

Céline on Bolts
Love it!

B. Thomas on Mustache Party
They look much alike. ;-) This would be a good Silly Tuesday shot.

Antoine on BAKED
Superb composition..

Antoine on Bummed
Superb image and your composition is very good.

Garfield on Scott Stevens
This is a great one! Great light, and well shot!

olivier Paillet on Hiking
Beautiful shot !! well done !

KriKridesign on Spinning overhead
YES! 5*...Bravo

Alan on Spinning overhead
Very creative. Great composition too.

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